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The bridge connects Barenga to Kashipur/Badripar. This bridge is on a new alignment and reduces the travel distance between Silchar/Guwahati/Haflong by more than 15km. This bridge in order to reduce the length of approaches and improve aesthetics, the bridge is constructed on a single summit curve. Superstructure of the main bridge is constructed by balanced cantilever method. Considering poor performance of the suspended span or articulation/hinge near the mid span, two cantilever arms are connected together monolithically. Intermediate piers are integral (without bearings) with the superstructure, and bearings are provided at either end of main span. Two plate type solid columns are provided at intermediate piers. The RCC pile cap is supported on 1400 mm bored cast--in-situ piles. The effective depth of the piles is considered below maximum scour level depth more than 1.40m dia and 35-38M depth. Spill through abutments on either end of the bridge have also been supported on pile foundations. One approach span of 40M simply supported box section on Silchar side has been provided to reduce the active pressure on the abutment on the Silchar side. This is the first bridge in the country which has been designed as per I.R.C. 112. The tender value of this project was 46 cr

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