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This bridge on Bettiah, is the longest and the costliest bridge constructed by the Company at 1.5 kms. and valued at 94 crores.


The tender was on item rate basis and the design was already approved by the department. The bridge was executed by us and handed over to the department approx. 1 year and 1 month, prior to the stipulated date of Completion.


This was achieved by changing the design of the bridge superstructure and inducing a new clause of restricting all costs because of the change in the design on the quantities, which were already approved in the tender as per the earlier design.  Accordingly 30M long girders with cranes total Nos of girders – 304, were precast and launched at site.


Restrictions were imposed on total quantities as per tender or as executed whichever were lesser, was considered for payment.

The company was awarded a bonus for early completion.

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