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The road from Mahasadak to Borkhola originates from 280 km of Mahasadak and connects silchar-jaintia MDR road at 17th KM near Borkhola bazaar point which in turn connects 25th Km of silchar-kalain NEC road at Khambarbazar.

The road acts as a Bye-pass road for Karimganj, Hailakandi district and Tripura in Meghalaya, to avoid traffic of the town Silchar, to avail Mahasadak and across to only Airport in Barak Valley (Silchar).

 Further there are other vital locations that it connects, such as:

1. The only LPG Bottling Plant of Barak Valley Mizoram, Tripura and Manipur state (located, at 13th KM and NATRIP yard at 8th KM)

2. One BSF (HQ) Camp (located at 11th KM of the road)

Apart from the above, there are also Hospitals, Police stations and several important local markets are located on the road.


The work mainly involved, Well foundation, Pile Foundation, RCC Substructure, PSC Superstructure for viaduct portion, Steel BUG (Through Type) for Superstructure, RCC retaining wall, construction of 125.00M approaches and other miscellaneous work.


Total length of the bridge is 188.498 having (25.00M +10.00M) 35.00 M viaduct length and (90.00M + 35.00M) 125.00M approaches length. 

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