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The Guwahati City is the capital of Assam and gateway of the North East Region. This city is considered the corridor of transportation system and link, between the North Eastern States and the rest of India.


The large volume of traffic that passes through A.T road & M.G road had to cross the Panbazar ROB which was broken the 1960s which take the increased immense traffic volume, creating massive traffic jams. The movement of traffic is more than 14500 Nos. light vehicles and 9700 Nos. heavy commercials vehicle per day.


The only alternative for smooth flow of traffic was to construct additional two lanes ROB at Panbazar, which the company constructed within the stipulated time.


Length of the Bridge:  369.95 including ROB approaches.

Location:                     At panbazar on kamrup district in                                            Assam,

Tender Value:              Rs. 14,82,82,650.00 

Client:                          Chief Engineer PWD (Roads), Assam                                      Chandmari, Guwahati-03

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