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The bridge is located at Panthang on Gomphu-Panbang Highway, Zhemgang District in Central Bhutan, 160Km from the nearest Indian border town of Assam, India from Barpeta Rural .

Length                :      128M (16M+96M+16M)

Location       :  Pantang on Gomphu-Panbang Highway Bhutan

Structure            :      PSC Box Superstructure

Tender Cost       :      14.40 Crores (2012)

Client                  :      Royal Government of Bhutan

Date of Commencement:                   01st Oct 2012

Stipulated Date of Completion:          31st Oct 2014

Actual Date of Completion:                31st July 2014 (Appx 100 days in advance of the stipulated date)

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