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The construction company who was originally awarded the work on this bridge could not continue after doing only 3 nos. of Wells and Piers out of a total of 10 Nos. The balance work allotted to and completed by our Company involved sinking of 7 Nos. Wells about 25M deep each with 15M high RCC Piers/abutments to complete 404.28M long steel lattice girders Superstructure double lane with footpaths involving complete fabrication and erection of about 950 M.T. of structural steel and about 85M.T. of fabrication for launching steel truss for push launching all the trusses from the two end spans supported on steel cribs. The work was completed in 2004.

Location :    River Barak at Raniferry on Silchar-Kalain PWD                        road in Assam

Length :       404.29 M (7x42.4M + 2x51M c/c of bearings)

Structure :   PSC Lattice Girders Superstructure comprising                        steel truss of 5.8m depth and spaced 8.30m in                        between over RCC Substructure and Well                                Foundations.

Cost :          Rs. 11.75 Crores

Agency :     P.W.D. Assam

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