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Construction of RCC Bridge over river Barak near Itkhola Ghat to connect Dudhpatil with Silchar town including Approaches and Protection works under SOPD-G for the year 2018-19.

Structural Details: -

1.Overall Length of the Bridge :330.00 M

2.Span Arrangement of the Bridge : (End span 2x65.00 M, Navigational span 1x120 M & Via duct 2x40.00 M)

3.a) Carriageway width of the Bridge: 7.50 M

b) Width of Footpath : 2x1.60 M (Both sides)

c) Overall Width of the Bridge :12.50 M

4. Type of Structure of the Bridge :

 (i) Foundation :1.50 M Dia. Bored cast in situ Pile Foundation

a) Abutment : Pile and RCC Pile cap

b) Pier : Twin leaf solid Pier in P2 & P3

(ii) Substructure :RCC Sub structure

(iii) Bearing :POT cum PTFE Bearing

(iv) Superstructure stressed, Box segmental concrete by cantilever  construction equipment.

5.Pile 1500mm diameter 41.00 m long with NO LAP ZONE RL 84.80 to 87.80 up to bottom of Pile cap.

6. Pile Cap Size 19.80 x 14.30 x 2.25 m Top RL 90.05 m

7.Twin Leaf Solid Pier RL 90.05 to102.76 m  with NO LAP ZONE

(1st Above pile cap 90.05 to 95.05m & 2nd Below pier head 101.46 to 102.76 m)

8. Pier head RL 102.76 to 110.21 m

9.Approach Road :RCC Retaining wall and  Earthen Embankment with Rubble Masonry

a) Length :688.00 M

b) Carriageway Width : 7.00 M + 3.00 M( 1.50 M X 2 sides ICB Paved Footpath)

c) Formation Width : Dudhpatil  side 10.00 to 11.50 M, Town side 10.00 to 12.50 M

The Bridge was inaugurated by our Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Himanta Biswa Sarma. The tender value of this was  80.05 crores. 

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