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Design Innovation

Our Design Philosophy is based on the principle of utility, durability, executability, adoptability & adaptability with the environment, the available resources and above all Economy and the requirement of aesthetics. The basic need of a structure is to serve its intended purpose for which it is to be used and continue to serve this purpose for its designed life. We have ensured that bridges designed and executed by us have met with the above criterion.



D2S Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. provides Planning, Design and Construction related services for various diversified sectors viz. Roads, Bridges, Buildings, Irrigation Structures like Intake Wells.

We employ modern CAD technology alongwith other requisite design softwares, which together with an internationally experienced and highly qualified staff ensure that the projects are carried out in the most modern and cost effective way. D2S emphasizes quality assurance during all phases of the project


A Structure starts showing deterioration after completion of its construction due to Changes in geographical features of the bridge site, Change in environmental / climatic conditions, Lack of Quality Control during Construction, etc

This results in the distress showing in the form of Cracks in bed block, soffit slab, girders; damage to Bearings, etc.

Our capable team of technical experts evaluate the damages and undertake the repair works in a very professional manner with the latest and innovative techniques.



D2S was conceptualized as a Construction Firm to build India via infrastructure.

We specialize in Bridge building and civil construction with expertise in design, construction and rehabilitation.


The mission of our organisation is development via infrastructure, faster connectivity among the masses, through all religious and economical stratas & strengthening defense connectivity.


Our business, links isolated land, thereby bringing in great economical upliftment by promoting easy & faster trade, tourism, transport of agricultural produce. 

D2S aims to promote high-class infrastructure in J&K, Bihar, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh. These have unfavourable terrain for bridge building, and terrorist infestations, making them complex areas to develop.


We have completed more than 300 structures over the years have a 100% track record while building, with 95% of our projects being completed within time, and 70% before stipulated time of completion.


For us work is worship, and we build each of our structure with reverence and pride and consider every structure that we complete, a milestone in itself.

Every project, we build physical structures necessary for basic operation of society required for an economy to function. Doing so, with excellence in design, using the the national resources efficiently and effectively, giving the government and the people of india their moneys worth. our belief is not of philanthropy , but funding opportunities for growth and development. 





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Head Office
Branch Office

House No. 75,

Piyali Phukan Road​, Rehabari

Guwahati - 781008 (Assam)


Tel: +91-361-2631238

I-1603, Chittaranjan Park

New Delhi -110019


Tel: +91-11-45527434/26279012


To apply for a job with D2S Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 0361-2631238
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